New Volunteer Opportunity

New Volunteer Opportunity

Join us as a Practice Partner this Spring!

As Girls on the Run of Puget Sound expands to serve more girls each year, the organization is also developing new volunteer opportunities to ensure the highest quality delivery of the program. One of the exciting new opportunities available in spring of 2017 is to volunteer as a Practice Partner. This volunteer role might be of interest to women who have previously volunteered as a Running Buddies, but may have wanted to learn more about the curriculum or have more engagement with their girls. Practice Partners are qualified adults and older teens who support a team and help the coach with delivering curriculum and running practices. Practice Partners will be required to attend a minimum of 6 practices and are invaluable in helping the practices flow smoothly, supporting the girls, and ensuring that practices are not cancelled due to coaching shortages. Practice Partners have the benefit of seeing firsthand the structure of the lessons and the impact of the program. For more information about Practice Partners, click HERE.

The role and requirements for our Running Buddy program has changed. Running Buddies will now only participate in the end-of-season 5K, a one-time commitment that is more accessible for parents, teachers, and other community members that want to support a GOTR girl. Therefore, although we will likely need 50-100 volunteer Running Buddies, the need for Running Buddies not related or affiliated with girls will likely decrease dramatically. While we acknowledge that this can be seen as a drawback, we’re hoping this enables communities, parents and family members to rally around girls as Running Buddies in order to provide a more sustainable and long lasting support system for years to come. For more information about Running Buddies, click HERE.

Thank you to everyone who supports our girls, whether that is in the capacity of Coach, Practice Partner or Running Buddy. Without the fabulous volunteers who donate their time each year our program would not be possible. Volunteers provide invaluable support in numerous ways that help our organization to grow and touch the lives of girls.

We are looking forward to a new year and a new season with excitement as we strive to ensure girls of King County know their true potential and self-worth.