Running Buddy

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What is a Running Buddy?

Running Buddies are an important and exciting part of the Girls on the Runslider7 program. Each girl in the program is paired up with a Running Buddy who runs, walks, or skips alongside her at the end-of-season Community 5K. Running Buddies encourage and keep pace with their girl, ensuring her safety and sharing in her exhilaration as she crosses the finish line. Running Buddies are usually members of a girl’s immediate community such as family members, teachers, or family friends with additional inspiring and qualified women Running Buddies filling in to ensure every GOTR girl has a Running Buddy.

“I wasn’t sure how running with a girl could make an impact, but when we crossed the finish line together, my shy girl gave me a big hug and an even bigger smile. Her smile showed me that it meant the world to her to have someone dedicated to supporting her.”

What is the time commitment?

The Running Buddy is a one-time commitment: running with a girl at the end-of-season 5K in May. If you are interested in further engagement opportunities with the program participants, consider volunteering as a Practice Partner or as a Coach.

What are the requirements for being a Running Buddy?

  • Must be committed to running with a GOTR girl and supporting her pace.
  • Running Buddies must be at least 16 years old.
  • Must be available and register for the end-of-season 5K.
  • Must read and comply with Girls on the Run policies and procedures.

Can males volunteer as Running Buddies?

DSC_0054_zps551d8698Running Buddies must be female, unless they are a parent, guardian, family member, school staff, or family friend. We encourage male family or friends to be Running Buddies because we believe that girls benefit from having positive male role models in their lives!

Do Running Buddies have to be runners?  Running Buddies do not have to be runners, but they do need to be able to complete a 5K and match the pace of their girl buddy.

Where and when is the GOTR Community 5K?

The GOTR Community 5K, where all the girls in the Puget Sound program come together to run and celebrate, will take place on Sunday, May 21, 2017 at the Renton High School Memorial Stadium. The GOTR Community 5K is also open to the larger community. Family, friends, neighbors are encouraged to come walk, run or skip alongside the girls!

How many Running Buddies do you need each season?

We need Running Buddies for every girl. Most girls will ask a family DSC_0087_zps837b78e0member, teacher, or a member of their immediate community to be their Running Buddy, but there are always a few girls that are unable to recruit a Running Buddy from their own communities. The numbers vary from season to season, and we set the number of Running Buddy spots to match girl needs.

Who do I contact if I have questions about Running Buddies? Contact Vivian Syme, Program Coordinator, at or 206-528-2118