Coach Blogs: Tukwila

Here we are on the eve of our 5K and I think I am just as excited as the girls.  It has been an incredible season, and without taking anything away from past participants, this has probably been my favorite season.  We have an amazing team of 12 wonderful girls who have been so dedicated to the program this season, and are VERY excited about tomorrow.
One of my very favorite things about coaching is to see the increase in confidence in our girls throughout the season. Girls who are new to the program are typically very shy at the first couple of practices, and not always eager to share during our lessons, especially those 3rd graders.  But after 18 practices, the girls have really taken the lessons and team concept to heart (and know exactly what’s up when a coach says ‘411’).
Our practice 5K was truly inspiring as we watched girls exceed the required number of laps to meet that 5K distance, and cheered one girl who completed 6 laps when her previous practice personal record was 3 laps. It was heart-warming to listen and watch while the girls and running buddies who had finished cheered on the rest of the team as they completed their laps.
Of course tomorrow will definitely be the high point of the season as we watch our girls cross the finish line and experience total Girl Power!
Coach Brenda