Coach Blogs: Thorndyke

We have been having a lot of fun at Thorndyke Elementary in Tukwila!  Our group of 12 girls is energetic, and we’ve been extremely lucky with the weather.  One of our greatest practices was Lesson Thirteen, where we enjoyed the outdoor scavenger hunt.  We intentionally paired the girls with someone who wasn’t already their friend or classmate, and they all participated with good attitudes.  We caught a quick picture of Coach Jocelyn helping two girls earn one of their scavenger hunt items: running in place for 60 seconds!  In the background, you can see other pairs “collecting” other activities: running one lap while holding hands, jumping jacks, coming up with a new energy award, and shouting compliments to the other girls.

We also had our Practice 5K!  The girls have been asking about their running buddies since the first lesson.  When the big day finally arrived, we were hugely impressed by the girls’ abilities to stick to the whole 5K.  Throughout the season, we’ve been giving stick-on rhinestones to the girls as lap counters.  They have been using them to decorate foam crowns, and the Practice 5K was a great time to sport them confidently.

A huge thank you to our wonderful running buddies!  We couldn’t have done it without them.  The girls were beaming the whole practice.  One of them even ran an extra lap after completing the 5K, and they started making a tunnel for the girls to run through as they finished.



We’re looking forward to the 5K in December, and can’t wait to see our Running Buddies again! 

– Coach Kristina, Coach Jocelyn, and Coach Kim