Coach Blogs: Thorndyke

As the girls went on their way after practice today, I couldn’t believe that I would only see them two more times before the season ends.  It seems like such a short time ago that I was looking out on a group of eager new faces, convinced that I would never be able to get their names straight.  Now I not only know their names but also their favorite foods, greatest fears, and exactly what it takes to keep them motivated through a 40-minute workout.  It has been a truly amazing season full of individual accomplishments, teamwork, giggle-fits and more than a few tears.

During the harder moments it was difficult to tell what kind of impact we were having.  But on other days, like today, it became perfectly clear.  After we all took a turn on the Love Seat and basked in each other’s kind words and admiration, one of the girls volunteered how those words affected her.  She said that sometimes she doesn’t believe that words like beautiful and smart apply to her, but she realized after hearing her teammates say them that they might really be true.

Thank you, Coach Libby, for sharing your reflections!