Coach Blogs: Redmond A

When I started coaching Girls on the Run, I expected to have fun teaching young girls to feel powerful and in control of their futures through fitness, achieving running goals, and discussing important subjects in the Girls on the Run curriculum. I didn’t expect that I would be learning just as much as they are.

Many of these subjects get skipped over by parents, teachers, and role models.  I go home every day wishing that as a young girl, I had been able to have explicit conversations about body image, bad influences, and many other topics that are discussed during practice.

I am so happy to be coaching these girls, from mixing it up with skipping and hopping during work outs, to talking about how to handle our emotions and listening to all the things that go on during their day.

Knowing that these lessons will carry through to the rest of their lives and anticipating the strength and power these girls will undoubtedly have as they grow up is priceless.

The more time I spend coaching, the luckier I feel to be doing this. I’m definitely getting the better deal.

Thanks, Coach Jillian, for sharing your reflections!