Coach Blogs: Parkside

As it turns out, the thoughts and lessons important to 3rd, 4th and 5th grade girls aren’t really that different than thoughts and lessons important to women in their 20’s, 30’s and on.

Last week, during the Girls on the Run lesson about choosing to plug into the positive “cord,” the girls at Parkside Elementary talked about what a girl who is plugged into the positive cord looks like. Some of the more humorous answers included “She wears PINK!!”, followed by “GLITTER!!” On a more serious note, the girls said someone plugged into the positive cord is someone you want to be around because they’re happy, they’re caring, and they’re lovely, on the inside and outside.

In fifteen, twenty, or even thirty years, those answers might not be the same, exactly. But I think the same general idea will be there, and IS there, for those of us who’ve made it into adulthood. Personally, when I’m plugged into the positive “cord”, I don’t necessarily wear pink and/or glitter. However, when I choose to be in a positive mood, it shows on the outside. It shows just as much as pink and glitter.

The girls decided the positive cord makes girls happy, caring, pretty, lovely, and kind, both inside and outside. “They’re the type of girls you want to be friends with!” the girls said. Deep thoughts for an adult at times, and yet common knowledge for Girls on the Run!

– Coach Jessie