Coach Blogs: Maplewood Heights

Working Together is Wonderful!

Maplewood girls are so excited to be part of Girls on the Run! This is the first time GOTR has been at our school. We have 12 wonderful girls who are working hard to move forward. The girls are running for longer than they have ever run and are all moving forward in some way- even those plagued by injury.

Due to spring weather we have been practicing a lot in our gym. This has resulted in creative ways to use lap counters. Our girls’ favorite was making a paper chain with one strip of paper representing 2 laps around the gym. The girls ran so fast it was a challenge for their coach to staple it together fast enough! Once the strips ran out and the long chain was made an impromptu parade of the chain was needed. As a cool down, the girls worked together to run the chain around the gym- a great exercise in teamwork!

During energy awards, the chain was made into a heart to stand in for the girl receiving an energy award.  Our girls are so wonderfully creative. GOTR is giving them a place to be silly, creative, athletic and themselves!

We are looking forward to better weather so we can run outside. Until then we will keep enjoying working together, moving forward (even if it is rolling around the gym) and fruit leathers for snack. GIRLS ON THE RUN IS SO MUCH FUN!