April’s Girl Hero

April’s Girl Hero

Super Power, Niki Howard!

Niki Howard began as a coach for Girls on the Run 6+ years ago.  Since then she has literally done it all….she’s been a multi-year Running Buddy, 5K volunteer, Board member for six years and even chaired our Program Committee.  Currently she serves on the Board Governance Committee, where she has helped to inform, educate and establish effective procedures that guide our Board of Directors through important decision-making and planning for years to come.

Not only has she provided invaluable leadership, but she’s been a significant force behind the growth of the Girls on the Run Program. With Niki’s help, we have grown from serving 300 girls per year in 2010 to 1400 girl this year.

Niki will tell you that being a Running Buddy is the most favorite and satisfying roles she’s played for Girls on the Run.

“The most fulfilling part of being a Running Buddy is seeing the look of complete joy and the sense of accomplishment on the girl’s face when she crosses the finish line. When they see the finish line and hear the cheers, the girl’s pace picks up, she stands a little taller.  You can see just how proud she is of herself and as a Running Buddy, I get to share in that moment; I get to contribute to that moment. And I find myself standing a little taller, too.”

Join Niki as a Running Buddy this spring and help a girl stand a little taller as she works to cross the finish line of the Girls on the Run 5K on Sunday, May 21, 2017.  It will be one of those stand out days of your life when you show a girl any goal is attainable with hard work and perseverance.

Niki is undoubtedly a Power House for Girls on the Run.  When we need muscle or brawn…she’s there!  When we need thought provoking discussions and questions to improve the quality of our program…she’s got them!  When you need a friend/advisor/coach or Running Buddy….she’s one of the very best!

Thank you, Niki, for all you do and bring to the organization! We are better and stronger because of you.