Why We Like Girls on the Run by the Girls at Grand Ridge

Why We Like Girls on the Run by the Girls at Grand Ridge


“My favorite memory of GOTR is everybody exercising and our coaches cheering us on. The energy awards are cool too!” -Lelia (5th Grade)

“What I like about Girls on the Run is that we talk about personal stuff and we don’t tell girls outside of girls on the run. The girls there don’t laugh at anything that they know is personal to you.” -Deena (3rd Grade).

“What I love about GOTR is it’s a great experience to become a better athlete, running feels good and it helps me get a good night’s sleep!” -Addie (3rd Grade)

“The coaches are outgoing and kind!” -Gwyneth (4th Grade)

 “It gives you an activity after school and it keeps you healthy!” -Emerson (3rd Grade)

“GOTR has taught me to stay positive, take deep breaths, recognize my feelings and more! All of this has helped me to live a happy life! Also, the running part has helped me to build stamina and I feel more healthy and fit.” -Greta (5th Grade)

“My favorite thing about GOTR is just being able to be myself and connect with others around me.” -Ella (5th Grade)

 “I really love GOTR because it’s a place where I can be myself. Also, it teaches me to tell myself that no matter what, I am not what my negative voice tells me. I know I can do whatever I want to do if I try.” -Emma (5th Grade)

“My favorite thing I’ve done has been run with my friends. They’ve helped me reach and pass my goals!” -Zoe (3rd Grade)


Post created & submitted by Coach Katlin from Grand Ridge.