To Infinity…And Beyond!

To Infinity…And Beyond!

One of our favorite parts of the season has been our call and response with the girls. One coach says, “To infinity!” and the girls respond together, “And beyond!”  No matter where we are in the lesson, we all end up with a smile on our faces, ready to keep moving forward.

One other highlight was the ideas our girls came up with last week when we were brainstorming possibilities for our community project (see photo below). We were so touched by their thoughtfulness and inspired by their desire to help others in our community–human and animal alike!


(On list in case you cannot quite make it out are things like “Work at animal shelter, Sell cookies for charity, Help people get jobs, give out food” oh and a staff favorite, “Help Injured Squirrels” 🙂 )

We are looking forward to working on our community project with this incredible group and continue to be excited each week that we have the opportunity to spend our afternoons with these girls!

To Infinity!

~The John Hay Coaches (Alexis, Dana, Nicole, and Anne)