The Power of Girls

The Power of Girls

Thank you to the Girls on the Run program for the opportunity for us to coach 8-10 year old girls in life skills. It wasn’t long before we became convinced that every girl could benefit from this unique program. The values and skills that are taught are priceless Weekly we have the privilege of observing firsthand the fruits of our lessons. A few of the many things we teach are caring, inclusion and confidence. An example of how coaching brings positive results happened last week. One of our girls fell down while running around the track. As if by magic, two other girls appeared instantly at her side offering comforting words. They helped her up and the three of them finished the lap arm in arm.


We have been fortunate to team up with wonderful coaches that generously give of their time and energy. The girls respond with obvious gratitude and visible emotional growth. Girls that were initially shy and standoffish are now joining in enthusiastically because of the encouragement they have received. We are constantly reminded to be flexible and support each other. The first week unbeknownst to us the girls decided to switch names with each other. This spoof caught us off guard and gave us the opportunity to discuss the importance of truthfulness. Other lessons that we teach such as the importance of healthy eating, exercise and internal beauty are important reminders for us as well. We get the joy of learning right alongside the girls. Thank you Girls on the Run for giving us the opportunity to make a difference in elementary girls lives.


Blog written & submitted by Coach Chris from Sacajawea