Teaching Our Girls About Healthy Habits

Teaching Our Girls About Healthy Habits

We know healthy habits both physical and emotional are good for us. I’ve found that when you make these habits fun, it gets that much easier to integrate them into you daily life.

The girls at Cherry Crest have always surprised me every week with their out of the box thinking on the lessons we’ve done together. Last week we had an Amazing Healthy Habits for Life lesson. Their spin on the “My Plate Warm-up” was not just fun, but an excellent warmup for both the mind and body.

As part of the “My Plate Warm-up” the girls set out the plates as directed by Coach Melinda in a circle. They paid attention to the guidelines for the game and at first easily categorized the plates into the food groups they felt they belonged in. Coach Dana moved the plates into a wider circle to enable a lot more running. It was quickly apparent that these food types were just too easy for them and the distance not such a deterrent either.


Then, the girls got to pick their own food types and that’s when the lesson rocketed into awesomeness! The first interesting food type that was not as easy to categorize was the Japanese food – Mochi. Mochi is a favorite of mine and I don’t think we did it complete justice by not remembering it also belonged in the protein group but it definitely got our thinking caps out. It was truly a brain exercise and thinking game for the coaches as well! As the game progressed, we got better though at listing all the ingredients in every food example after it.

Another cool food example that the girls came up with was the Spanish dish Paella (say that ten times fast)! I mean, which food group does that belong in? We got there by listing everything that goes into it, with the girls running to each of the food groups the ingredients belonged in.


The excitement just built up from that point on. Some other fun food examples the girls came up with -Chicken noodle soup with cucumbers, Rabbit, Mango mousse, and Tacos to name a few.

There was even a discussion of whether Chocolate could be considered Dairy?!? Coaches and Girls were having so much fun it was hard to move onto the actual workout portion of the practice. It was a really nice way to come together for the Cherry Crest team.


As a coach for the Cherry Crest team, I love our lessons & workouts and leave each practice with a smile on my face. I’m looking forward to what the team will try out next.

Coaches, I hope you’re having as much fun as we are! And the next time you look at a meal, try listing off the food groups that each item belongs to. Eating smarter is a huge part of living healthier.

Blog Created & Submitted by Coach Snesha from Cherry Crest