Stop and Take a BrTHRR…

Stop and Take a BrTHRR…


The John Muir Girls on the Run team is having a great spring season. Most recently we learned about taking a BrThRR (Stop, Breathe, Think, Respond, Review) when faced with peer pressure. During practice, the coaches presented each girl with a specific peer pressure scenario. The girls then discussed how they would use each BrThRR step and provided very thoughtful responses to tricky situations.

One example highlighted the unique characteristics of our group. The girls were asked what they would do if a friend told them to change the way they dress, act or talk. Several members of our team follow specific diets and wear certain types of clothing because of religious beliefs so this scenario really hit home. Each girl responded with pride about who they are and how they look. They remembered that what is important is on the inside, not the outside. And that everyone is entitled to dress, act and talk as they choose as long as they are being true to themselves. They also noted that a friend who wants you to change is not a very good friend.

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Several other members of our team provided personal examples of past situations when they were faced with peer pressure. Some were proud of how they responded and others thought they could have done better. They all seemed to think using the BrThRR technique would have helped in those situations and they commented that they would use it in the future.

While the lesson scenarios were geared to girls ages 8-10, we as coaches have found this BrThRR technique to be helpful even in grown-up situations. That is one of the great characteristics about the GOTR program and what has been most enjoyable about being a coach. We are teaching the next generation very important lessons and we are learning important lessons ourselves. We hope the girls will apply what we teach them throughout their lives.    JohnMuir5

Blog posted & submitted by Coach Shelley from John Muir