Six Lessons the Coaches at Woodridge A Have Learned

Six Lessons the Coaches at Woodridge A Have Learned

It’s been six weeks since we met our team. Granted, the girls mostly knew each other – but us coaches – we didn’t know each other, we didn’t know the girls, and we didn’t totally know how the season was going to turn out. Within about six minutes of that first day – it was pretty obvious we were going to have a great time. Since it’s been six weeks, here are six things we’ve learned as we’ve coached the Woodridge A team.


1. The girls have an incredible amount of energy. Even on days when it’s rainy or gloomy (let’s be honest, the great Northwest, they happen too frequently) – the girls bring more than 100% energy to practice. They use that energy for their own workouts – but also to inspire each other. Side bonus? That energy definitely rubs off on us coaches. Even after a long workday – it’s nearly impossible to not feel energized around these girls.


2.  These girls are whip-smart. More than once, while the girls are running their laps, one of us coaches has said “a future president is in this group”. The amount of brainpower in our nine girls is pretty amazing. They grasp concepts immediately. They remember EVERYTHING. They can articulate their opinion in a moment’s notice.


3. Snack is important. Maybe not the most important lesson – but it’s definitely a popular conversation topic on our team. We have snack at the end of practice, thus lots of questions about what’s for snack throughout practice. Current favorites so far? Chewy granola bars, popcorn, and fruit.


4. Goal setting can be taught at a young age. After an initial conversation about goals in week one – the girls have completely held on to the topic of setting a goal and reaching it. Every week they ask how much running we get to do, in order to prepare for the practice 5k – and eventually the real event. They know how to track their progress. They feel really great about making progress.


5. Having a team of coaches really makes GOTR work. Each of us brings different strengths to the table. We all have very different backgrounds, the girls respond to each of us differently, and it works really well for us. When one person is speaking, another can help the girls pay attention. When one girl needs some one-on-one time, we can easily provide it. It’s also helpful for the girls to see adult women interact in a positive way.


6. Girls, girls, girls on the run. Girls on the run is SO MUCH FUN! The amount of time we spend smiling and laughing is awesome. We have the opportunity to watch girls learn new skills, use those skills, try something new, support each other, accomplish a goal, exercise, teach each other things, and have a blast the entire time.


Note: This blog was written and submitted by the GOTR coaches at Woodridge A Elementary.