Reflections on “Human Knot” Activity

Reflections on “Human Knot” Activity


It is our 3rd year with a Girls on the Run team here at Somerset. One of my favorite things about this program is that just like each girl is unique and special in her own ways, each team is different and special as well. Even though some of the lessons look familiar to me now, the girls’ thoughts and reactions to the lesson are always different.

Last week, when Becky visited our site, she asked the team, “what is your favorite part of Girls on the Run so far?” Several of the girls replied with an excited, “THE HUMAN KNOT!” I knew they enjoyed that activity just based on the giggles and smiles that day, but I didn’t realize that this was their most favorite moment of the season so far. Looking back on the day of the human knot, I remember that this was the first time the girls really had to use teamwork to accomplish a goal. They were excited, frustrated, joyful, silly, and thoughtful all at the same time. I love it that something so challenging was the first step in bringing this year’s team together. I hope that the memory of the human knot and all of the emotions the girls felt during that activity will help the team work together to accomplish the 5K. I am really looking forward to watching this year’s team take on more challenges and accomplish goals together!

Post created & submitted by Coach Anne from Somerset.