Ready…Set…Go, Let’s Cooperate!

Ready…Set…Go, Let’s Cooperate!

Our girls at West Seattle Elementary were quick to learn the valuable lesson on cooperation.  After a rather chaotic start to the activity, the girls realized that by working together, talking with each other and encouraging their teammates, they continued to improve upon their time each round.  By our last attempt, they cut their time in half!  It was fantastic to see the excitement they exuded when Coach Ory called out “you did it in 24 seconds!”  Their cheers were deafening.


As coaches, it is such a privilege to see these girls get excited about being together, discover their inner beauty and exude more confidence each week.  Watching our girls transform and become stronger, both emotionally and physically, is very rewarding.   The girls work hard, but also have a lot of fun while running their laps and participating in discussions and activities.

West Seattle 5This week, we came up with a lot of great ideas for our Community Impact Project.

From recycling, planting plants, having a bake sale, helping the homeless, to picking up garbage, our girls are inspirational to us.  One is even thinking bigger than just our community.…she wants to “help the world”.  And, we believe she will!

Now we will encourage them to cooperate by selecting one topic and to work together to implement.  As their coaches, and with the GOTR program, we will guide them and provide them with the strategies to successfully make an impact on their community!



Blog post submitted by Coach Farrell, Coach Ory & Coach Denise from West Seattle Elementary!