Photo Update from Brookside A & B

Photo Update from Brookside A & B

The ladies at Brookside A & B are having a great season!


As we go into spring break and a well-deserved break we reflect on how far we have come since our first meeting. Getting the routine down from our lesson and our running time with the help of our coaches to the team leading the warm up and cool down sessions.


We have been creative on how to count laps with our smiley face pox


We occasionally need to bring along a friend to get us through the laps.


We have been fortunate to have all but one of our training sessions either in the sunshine or in between rain squalls. But when it does rain, what else can you do but ask the Principal for permission to run in the halls.


We are all looking forward to a wonderful and exciting second half, not to mention the 5K itself.

Blog created & submitted by Coach Raelynn from Brookside.