Off & Running!

Off & Running!


Brittney and Georgia were signed up and ready to start on our first day for the season.  And –ahem– they were the only registered girls on our first day. We had been working on getting the word out and now we had everything ready for the program and still needed at least 6 more girls to keep the program going.  At that same moment we went outside to recruit. And, what do you know? There were two girls outside the school hanging out. We approached them, told them about the amazing Heart & Sole program and they joined us! We went inside the office. They called their mom and they got permission to join us for our first practice! We started with 4 girls. They went on to recruit a friend. With their help and the amazing support of the afterschool program (Huskies Out of School Time) coordinator, Marissa Rouselle, we ended up with a team of 11 inspiring girls!


They always have great insights and energy! They come ready to share and they bring so much to the program. It has been amazing to see them learning and growing. They talk about their Girl Wheel with confidence, lead their own warm-ups, know the names of their exercises, and run with so much heart! In practice today America ran her whole first 5K!


There is definitely a lot of Heart & Sole in our Washington Middle School powerful girls. 🙂


PS If your friend’s daughters are in middle school, convince your friends to be coaches and start a Heart & Sole program at their school. The curriculum is amazing. They will fall in love with it too!


Post created & submitted by Coach Haydee Lavariega from Casa Latina.