October Girl Hero

October Girl Hero

David Wellington, Assistant Superintendent and
Sneaker Soiree Speaker Extraordinaire

Energy cheers to our Sneaker Soiree keynote speaker, David Wellington, who’s been a dedicated champion for Girls on the Run for over a decade! At last Thursday’s event, David shared his personal connection to the Girls on the Run program as well as his perspective on the exciting new research from Girls on the Run International. His enthusiastic and passionate appeal to our audience resulted in our biggest Soiree total ever; over $121,000 to support 40 teams (600 girls!) in our upcoming Spring 2018 season.

David has worked in education for more than two decades. He taught high school for eight years, has served as an elementary, middle and high school principal and currently serves as the Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education for the Northshore School District. While principal at Maywood Hills Elementary, David was instrumental in getting the Maywood program started beginning in the spring of 2012. Since that time, the entire Wellington family has gotten involved with Girls on the Run. His daughter Audrey is a past participant and current Youth Ambassador, and his wife, Cathy, and both daughters regularly join David at Girls on the Run events and 5ks as fun, highly engaged volunteers and participants.

As a parent, educator, and administrator, Dave sees our program through a unique lens and is always willing to offer advice, opinions, or speak on our behalf. We are grateful and honored to have David as a continued advocate for Girls on the Run and strong girls and women in our community!