It Takes Courage to be a Girl on the Run!

It Takes Courage to be a Girl on the Run!

Last week, Catharine Blaine had the opportunity to discuss my favorite GOTR lesson – It Takes Courage! This is the lesson I wish I had in 3rd grade – and is something I think most of us still strive for daily. Being courageous comes in so many forms, and I wanted to share some of the ways our girls have expressed that over the season.

Volunteering at the DREAM BIG Auction for GOTR!


Sharing our Super Hero Drawings to promote the Spring 5K!


Accepting that our differences are what make us beautiful and give us STAR POWER!


Kudos to our Catharine Blaine K-8 team for being *squirt squirt* Fantastic all season long!

Blog written & submitted by Coach Mary from Catherine Blaine.