Highlights from Seattle Country Day School

Highlights from Seattle Country Day School


This is our first year launching Girls on the Run at Seattle Country Day School and we have had a blast! Two of the girls who joined in our inaugural year came to us as certified runners. They LOVE to run. The rest of the crew was rather skeptical and came to our first meeting out of curiosity or under duress. By the second meeting ALL of the girls were thrilled about the program and they were on board and started recruiting their friends.


Some highlights so far:

  • I learned that if you write inspirational phrases on bananas, girls will not only eat them, they will demand them at every practice! They have dubbed them “Wise Bananas.”
  • The Girls are listening. They may be giggling, or bouncing or goofing, but this wisdom is sinking in. I know this because a happy parent emailed me after our second session and told me that her quiet daughter spent 45 minutes during a car trip explaining one of her favorite lessons. I also know this because the soccer coach told me that one of our GOTR girls was supporting her teammates using ideas and expressions that she learned at GOTR.
  • By our fifth meeting, every one of our girls ran 1.3 miles or more, and more importantly, every one of those girls was thrilled with her accomplishment and considered herself a runner.
  • Our girls are inspiring their parents to run. They have recruited them as running buddies and offer to do weekend runs with them. To help them prepare.
  • And as one of our third grade girls explained to a 2nd grader who was interested in learning more GOTR, “Well, it is like a club for girls, a really fun club for girls. And you run a lot, but it is really fun so you don’t even notice that you are running that much.”


We haven’t finished the year yet, but I’m having fun and learning a ton from the girls. It is a joy to see them grow in confidence and courage. Thanks Girls on the Run for creating such an inspiring program!