Our Girls Say it Best!

Our Girls Say it Best!


When asked, “what do you like the most about Girls on the Run?” or “what have you learned about yourself from Girls on the Run?”, this is what our girls said:


“I have learned about friendship and all the good qualities that a friend should have.”  — E’Hmari (3rd grade)


“Running has changed my life. I have learned how to be good at it.”   — Bella (4th grade)


“Girls on the Run makes me feel very very energetic and happy. I like to run, especially on Mondays.”   — Silvia (3rd grade)


“What I have learned is that everyone is stronger than they think they are. And I have learned that we can all be a better person.”   — Nevaeh (4th grade)


“I have learned that I have choices and how to make the right ones.”   — Dalona (4th grade)


“I like my coaches, they are nice. They have taught me a lot about friendships.”   — Daniela (4th grade)


“I have learned that I like running.”   — Lulu (3rd grade)


“I have discovered that I can run almost 4 miles. It makes me feel proud of myself.”   — Keila (4th grade)


“I have learned that I had enough energy to run a 5k without stopping. When I finished it made me feel really good.”   — Ava (3rd grade).


“I have learned that by empowering others I feel empowered.”   — Coach Lisa


“This has been an amazing opportunity to watch our girls grow and unite through physical, mental and emotional triumphs.”   — Coach Emily




Blog post created & submitted by Coaches Lisa Miller & Emily Chen