Event & Leadership Committees

Our committees work behind the scenes and help ensure that Girls on the Run of Puget Sound runs smoothly and effectively. Volunteering on a leadership committee is a great way to give back and learn more about our organization.

Event Committees

Our event committees are task-driven and exist to plan and execute events.

  • Auction Committee:  Join Girls on the Run’s longest-standing committee and work with a group of 10-15 volunteers to plan the annual Auction. Each committee member has the opportunity to take on specific responsibilities such as procurement, program, decorations, volunteers, logistics, etc. There are opportunities to begin working with the Chair on procurement up to a year in advance of the event.

Leadership Committees

Our leadership committees provide high-level direction for the organization in each area of focus. We ask that only people with experience or expertise in these areas serve on the committees. For more information about these committees contact Kerin Brasch at kerin@girlsrun.org or 206-528-2118.

  • Program Committee: Responsibile for providing direction in regards to the evaluation of Girls on the Run program quality and effectiveness, as well as risk assessment and program standards.


  • Finance Committee: Responsible for maintaining and reviewing fiscal policies and leads the annual budget writing process.


  • Philanthropy Committee: Responsible for supporting staff and event committees in the development and implementation of the annual fundraising plan.


  • Marketing Committee: Responsible for developing and implementing a marketing plan while ensuring effective communications with internal and external audiences