From Running Buddies to Coaches

From Running Buddies to Coaches



Our first true experience with Girls on the Run, was being Running Buddies for our daughters in the last year. The energy and excitement of the practice 5k and the Big 5k event were contagious. The rallying, the fun, the gifts, the food, the togetherness, and the accomplishments were all part of encouraging the girls in who they are, how they are special, and what they can accomplish. The love and support given to the girls on their campus, and at the event were Amazing!  We truly loved having it at our daughters’ school, and enjoyed seeing the fun they had each week.

For this Spring, our school (Kent View) was in need of coaches. We were approached to consider the opportunity.  So here we are, Running Buddies to coaches! Yes, we have taken on the privilege and have come alongside twelve girls on this journey we call Girls on the Run, and Life!

The environment created with the GOTR curriculum allows the girls the freedom to be who they are. Our girls are Awesome! They know how to uplift each other, work well together (they rocked the “cooperation knot”), and persevere in their own personal goals.

We greatly delight in and appreciate each girl we have (they are all unique). With each session, we learn together that life happens regardless of the plan. Together we find solutions to the unexpected, the challenges, and the changes. And, we embrace the moments we have snacking, chatting, stretching, running, walking, laughing, encouraging, cheering, and just being together.

Being Coaches has opened our hearts and lives to twelve girls that are beautiful, each in a distinctive and special way.  Our hope is that we can help them see that and walk in who they are with confidence. We are honored to be a part of their lives, and to be making an impact through coaching. Coach or student, we are all….Girls on the Run!

Blog post created & submitted by Coach Moby from Kent View