From GOTR Girl to GOTR Coach

From GOTR Girl to GOTR Coach

I was a GOTR girl for both 4th and 5th grade. One of my favorite memories as a GOTR girl was our little party we did after the 5k. My coaches would give out little awards for each girl. I still have one hanging in my room. It says “Super Girl Award: Stands Up For Herself and Others”.


(Me as a GOTR girl with my mom as my running buddy)

I don’t remember everything vividly but there are certain things that have stuck since being a GOTR girl. I distinctly remember the lesson about decision making and the ‘I feel…when you…because…I would like you to…’ lesson. The decision making lesson has helped me considerably in my high school career. There’s a lot of peer pressure around this time in life and making the right decision for me has probably gotten me out of some uncomfortable situations.


(Taking off at the GOTR 5K starting line. I am the girl in teal)

I remember learning about the opportunity to become a GOTR coach. I learned about it from my high school. A few times a year they give out a sheet of paper explaining volunteer opportunities. My school requires every student has 60 hours of volunteer work to graduate and I only had 17. I had seen other volunteer options that I was interested in but never really got around to applying for them or I didn’t want to do it on my own but when I saw the GOTR coaching opportunity I was writing an application only a week later.


(Here I am with my team of girls this past fall. I am in the cream puffy vest)

I was excited because this is something I knew, something I’d done before. I really appreciate being a coach because it gives me experiences I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. I know how to deal with difficult people, be in front of groups confidently and connect with people I usually wouldn’t be able to. I love being with the girls, they are all so sweet. It can be a bit hard coaching at such a young age because I am about as far away in age from the girls as I am from my other coaches and connecting to both can be difficult. But, all in all, I have absolutely loved being a GOTR girl and coach.

Blog post created & submitted by High School GOTR Coach, Juniper Ticehurst.