First Time Coach Here

This year is the first time any of the coaches at our school have participated in Girls on the Run and we are enjoying working as a team. We’ve supported each other and each member brings enthusiasm and creativity to the group. The girls are excited about running and participate creatively in all the games and activities. It has been fun to guide them and to see their energy around all that we do.


The other day we did the 40 minute run. I was not sure how the girls would feel about running for that length of time. At the end of the run, however, the girls wanted to take on one more lap! They had made goals and were challenging and motivating themselves. As they ran or walked, coaches and girls supported each other and cheered each other on. It has been a beautiful experience.

I’m truly impressed each day by how each girl feels so free to be herself! That is what I wanted from this experience—for each girl to see themselves as unique and brilliant! That is not something to hide from. These girls inspire me with their openness and positive views of themselves and each other. I just want to be there to remind them to continue that trend throughout their lives.

Blog written & submitted by coach Laurie from Thurgood Marshall