Feeling Thankful at Westside

Feeling Thankful at Westside


It’s not hard to feel grateful this year. As a first time coach, I was worried about the lessons we would teach the girls – would I do it right, what would they take away – but I am reminded about how much they have taught me and how much they make me smile.

So here are my top 5 things I am grateful for at Girls on the Run:

1. The girls are so excited to run! I need this reminder on runs.

2. The lessons. When someone gives you a compliment it is too frequent to downplay it rather than accept it.

3. Becoming a team. To see the girls work together, help each other, and encourage each other is incredible.

4. Friendships. I love watching the girls get to know each other, but I am SO thankful for my co-coach and the friendship we have developed. I couldn’t have done this without her.

5. Giving back. Our Community Impact Project was perfectly timed and the excitement it brought the girls was heartwarming.

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We had a lot of ideas for the Community Impact Project, but we agreed on making cookies for Fire Station 37 that is across the street from the Westside. As one girl noted, “They help people everyday, but maybe no one does anything for them. We’re doing this to say thank you.” And the girls truly worked together to get all 40+ cookies decorated and the best part was delivering the cookies in person – they were so excited to show the firemen which cookie they decorated.


So no matter how worried I was at the start, it is dwarfed by everything I am experiencing.

Thank you, girls!

Written & submitted by Girls on the Run Coach Katy from Westside School