Energy Cheers All Around

Energy Cheers All Around


I have had the privilage of getting to know ten amazing girls this season. One moment sticks out to me and warmed my heart. One of our girls seemed to be having a hard day. I decided to walk to with her around the track. Listening to her, I could tell she really needed someone to create a safe space for her to talk about events going on in her life, and was honored to be someone she felt she could open up to. It amazes me what one small act can do for another.

At the end of practice, I was given an energy star award by one of the other girls. The reason? Because I walked around the track with another GOTR that needed a friend. This warmed my heart and taught me how empathetic and aware the whole team is toward their teammates.

This was a powerful practice for me, I am so proud of my team, they all have some serious STAR POWER.”

Blog Post created & submitted by Coach Katy from Woodridge A