Dr. Martin Luther King Would Like to Speak!

Dr. Martin Luther King Would Like to Speak!

The Broadview-Thomson girls are so energetic and fun to coach! Many of them have done GOTR before and were so excited to get started; within the first five minutes of our first practice, several of them asked, “When do we get to start running?” They were ready and rearin’ to go!


There were many fun moments during our first week, but one moment that made us as coach’s laugh out loud was when we asked the girls to put together short skits acting out different qualities of a Girl on the Run. All of the skits were adorable, but one in particular stood out. When it was this group’s turn, one girl stood in the center of her group while they clapped and cheered. Eventually the girl in the center quieted her group-mates as she furrowed her brow and waved her arms authoritatively. Then, in a deep voice she said, “Hello, I’m Luther Martin King and I’m here to tell you that everyone needs to be equal!” We coaches looked at each other a little confused; we weren’t sure how Martin Luther King was related to being a Girl on the Run. “Doctor King” continued to give a 1-2 minute improvised speech about equality while we all listened. At the end, everyone clapped, impressed.

I finally asked, “Which quality were you ladies acting out again?” The girls said their skit was about being a good listener.  We laughed at this interesting angle the girls had taken to portray this trait. It was true though; everyone was rapt and being excellent listeners while the speech was going on! We all had to admire the creativity, enthusiasm, and of course, great listening skills, displayed by our girls on that day.

Blog post created by Coach Angie from Broadview-Thomson Elementary