December’s Girl Heroes

December’s Girl Heroes

  Angie Buysse & Cynthia Per-Lee!

We are thrilled to be associated with the Girls on the Run Puget Sound (GOTRPS) as donors, running buddies and overall cheerleaders! We first became acquainted with GOTRPR five years ago through Angie’s work with the Seattle Storm Foundation.  GOTRPS was a beneficiary of the Storm Foundation that year and continues to be an important partner.  From the beginning, we were invited to observe after school lessons, review (and practice) the curriculum and participate as running buddies.  It didn’t take long before we knew and felt firsthand that GOTRPS was achieving its mission to inspire girls to be joyful, healthy and confident!  We could hear it in their voices as the girls shouted “Girls on the Run, Girls on the Run, Girls on the Run is so much fun!”

We love the organization’s mission and the vision of every girl having the opportunity to know and activate her limitless potential and to be free to boldly pursue her dreams. Who can’t get behind that?  For us, almost as important as the mission is an organization’s values and how it achieves its mission.  For example, we have been so impressed with GOTRPS’s focus on equity and inclusion.  One of their core values is to “embrace our differences and find strength in our connectedness.”  They are living out this core value everyday as they sincerely work to make it possible for every girl in our community to have access to this incredible program.  They work tirelessly to raise funds to ensure no girl is unable to participate because of a family’s income level.  They also recognize that English is not a first language for some of the parents.  To reduce that barrier and become more inclusive, they are translating important materials and applications into languages that will enable more families to participate.

While we have never considered ourselves “philanthropists,” we were recently recognized for our philanthropy in the community. That recognition has caused us to reflect on what causes and organizations we support and why we support them.  We partner with effective organizations, like GOTRPS, that lift up girls and help them thrive today and in the future.   We are proud to support Girls on the Run Puget Sound because we believe in its mission and we applaud how it shows up in the community.