Coach Blogs: Stevens

Thanks to coaches Keisha, Alex, Kristen & Patty!

Instinctively as a coach, the first thing you want to do is get to know a little about each one of the girls. The first lesson allowed us to learn a little more about the girls’ personalities, background, and even likes/dislikes about certain snacks. We (the coaches at Stevens Elementary in Capitol Hill), quickly learned that we have a diverse set of girls not only because there was a good mix of ages and personalities but their cultural backgrounds.

When stretching time came around, I asked “who can count in a different language?” Almost half the girls raised their hands! It was interesting to see how everyone became quiet and focused on the selected girl counting in German. We then switched legs and had another girl count in Hindi. We continued to stretch while counting in the other languages the girls knew. It was awesome to see each girl embrace her cultural background and the other girls responding so well to it. During our second lesson we continued this tradition of counting in various languages while stretching and allowed for “counting with a British accent” and “Pig-Latin”. The girls loved it! The girls even encouraged me to count in Mandarin for them while doing a core abs exercise.

This small activity has brought us closer together as a team. Maybe by the end of the season each of the girls will have learned 2-3 different ways of counting to 15. Personally, I am encouraged to learn a few more languages to share with the girls and look forward to watching them grow into their utmost potential this season.