Coach Blogs: Stevens

Coaching at Stevens Elementary this season has been such a gift. We have eight diverse, unique, positive girls on our team and four coaches to guide them. About half of our girls this season were returning participants, while the other half are experiencing Girls on the Run for the first time. It’s been so fun to watch the “experienced” girls’ eyes light up when they remember doing the lesson previously and they are so excited to do it again. I’ve been so impressed by their continued level of energy for the Girls on the Run curriculum. I think that’s another testament to the program though and the kind of attitude it fosters in participants. The girls who are new to the program have embraced it so openly. I feel like all of the girls on our team are quick to remind us to “plug into the positive Girls on the Run cord,” if need be. I love watching these girls grow into more self-confident young women. I’m amazed at the level of depth of insights they share in our group discussions. They’re so perceptive and always have some great piece of wisdom to share. Seeing how much they’re learning and applying their learning makes me excited to think about how they will find the program impacting them when they’re older, like in high school, and a lot of the body image and social issues we talk about come up. I feel like our girls are establishing a firm foundation now that will allow them to preserve when things get tougher. I’m also happy to see the community they’re building with each other so that they can continue to support each other.

The opportunity to coach this season at Stevens has been incredibly impactful for me. It is as they say, you get more out of it than you can even imagine when the season first starts. I look forward to Mondays and Wednesdays knowing I will get to see their bright and shining faces! The girls’ energy, enthusiasm, and zest for life have brought a lot of joy to my life. I can’t wait to see them cross the finish line tomorrow!!!

– Coach Shanai

Pictured above: the Stevens GOTR team and the “blessings bags” they created for their community impact project!