Coach Blogs: Shorewood

Coach Blogs: Shorewood

The young ladies at Shorewood Elementary school really love the outdoors! They don’t care if it’s raining. They don’t mind if it’s cold. They don’t even notice that it’s getting dark earlier these days. They just love being outside! While running laps around the field one sunny day, Naomi and Caitlyn gathered up fallen leaves to make a beautiful bouquet.


On the rare occasion that the weather really is too nasty to be outside, they enjoy their school’s large gym. We’ve had great games of tag and timed laps around the gym. Here, Angie, Bella, Maria, Coach Lauri, Alyssa, Coach Carrie, Clara and Naomi give me their best silly pose for the camera.


We all had so much fun doing our practice 5k and Coach Lauri made it even more special, handing out glow in the dark bracelets for each lap completed. Alyssa decided to make hers into a necklace. Running with the sun setting on us, each of the girls challenged herself to finish strong.

Each of the girls has really embraced the learning process and continue to stun the coaches week after week, with their incredible insights and memories! We are all getting really excited for our big finale with the 5k on Saturday!