Coach Blogs: Sacajawea

Team Sacajawea is awesome! This week, we talked about eating healthy meals so that our bodies are ready to run. The girls already knew what it meant to eat healthy, which was awesome! They went for all the home-run questions in the warm-up game, so it ended quickly 🙂 These girls are really motivated and happy to be together and running. It is such a pleasure to get to work with them twice a week.

This past week, we also celebrated Girls on the Run International’s 16th birthday! The coaches brought cupcakes and candles and we sang happy birthday to GOTR. It was so funny to watch everyone run around and be so loud and full of energy until the camera came on and everyone decided to be shy! Our team is awesome and we cannot wait to meet the other teams at the 5K and see what a great job everyone has/will do this season. Here is a video of Team Sacajawea singing with their cupcakes! ENJOY 🙂