Coach Blogs: Ridgecrest A

Ridgecrest is all about the BEADS!
As a coach I really wanted a way to capture what the girls collectively could accomplish during our practices as far as running goes. Girls on the Run has individual lessons designed to show how each girl’s laps help to reach a team goal, but I wanted to extend that idea to the whole season. So I decided to use beads this season!
For each lap a girl runs she puts one bead into our team jar. We’ve had pink, purple, green, yellow, orange and blue beads. Some are sparkly, some are shiny. Together they make a beautiful mix, just like our team! The girls have really enjoyed watching our jar fill up with bright beads from week to week and always wonder how many there are! We will count them at the end!
At the practice 5K each girl had to run 6 big laps. Since the practice 5K is more of an individual accomplishment each girl earned 6 charms. These charms will represent what she did on her own (with wonderful running buddy encouragement!) that day.
For our end of season party we will be making bracelets (or necklaces because we have SO many beads!) for the girls to take home with them. The 5K charms will make their bracelet totally their own but then it will be completed using beads from the team jar! Hopefully it will remind them what they did together and how each teammate was important in filling up the jar!