Coach Blogs: Redmond

Coach Blogs: Redmond

This year we have a super, deluxe team of coaches: Coach Dana, Jena, Andrea, Miranda, and Kayla at Redmond Schoolhouse. With this large group we have been able to really tackle some barriers and get to work more individually with the girls. Speaking of our girls – they are creative, talkative, expressive, kind, goofy, and most fun group of girls! We admire the girls as they push through their comfort zones and make goals, determined to exceed them! Each girl has come around to running, and moving, and sharing their story during practice. The GOTR girl veterans are continuing to learn and lead the newbies by setting stellar examples of what a GOTR girl is.


We are so proud of the character these girls display and the growth they have done in these few short weeks. We can’t wait to see them cross the finish line on Dec 7th!