Coach Blogs: Northgate

The girls at Northgate enjoyed the sun last week during their practice 5K! For some of them this is the longest they’ve ever run so they were a little unsure about the distance, but they all did amazing and were happy when they finished. After the 5K we enjoyed the lap counters in the form of sticker letters they had collected and the girls spelled out their names on their water bottles. We also enjoyed some delicious carrot muffins with cream cheese frosting as a celebratory snack! All of the girls are very excited to see their Running Buddies again at the 5K.

A couple weeks ago we did the ‘Learning about Cooperation’ lesson.

Ironically, although we struggled with getting everyone to cooperate and participate with the ‘getting on board,’ at the end of the workout we had created a beautiful chain! The girls liked the idea of being able to work together to get all of the lap counters in, and at the end we had girls running just to keep others who still had lap counters left company.


All the coaches have loved the season so far, and we are all excited to see our girls continue to shine for the next few weeks and can’t wait for the 5K!


-Coach Emma, Traci, and Claire