Coach Blogs: Maywood Hills

Here at Maywood Hills Elementary in Bothell we cannot believe we are already halfway through GOTR! Tuesdays and Thursdays come and go with such anticipation and excitement of what we will be learning and doing!  It is so amazing to see the girls challenge themselves, and see what they perceived as impossible become possible.  And to be given the power to choose the type of girl they want to be to themselves and to others is a true gift.  The coaches are very thankful to be on this journey with the girls and to be able to reflect on their own personal power cord.  We have run in the rain and wind and have powered through a few hardships of self-doubt and a little lack of motivation.  But just as spring promises hope and renewal and a few surprises along the way, we are looking forward to the same!  The girls of MHS GOTR have our faces to the sun… and will continue to run.  Looking forward to seeing you all in May!

Below are our two teams under our spring “popcorn tree.” We run around this tree during our weekly workouts!

3rd & 4th grade team

5th & 6th grade team