Coach Blogs: Madrona

Hi from Madrona!

I think one of my favorite moments so far this season was when we were going around the circle sharing what we are grateful for. There were of lot of mentions of pets, family members, clothes, Girls on the Run (of course), and then one girl says, “time!” She is 9! I hadn’t even thought of that one yet,  but how true! The sun had just broken through the clouds and it was a crisp day and we were all just standing there in the happy circle. What a great way to be spending my time!

A few tricks I have learned:
Offer only 1 or 2 choices at a time and take a blind vote!
Do not give this age group yarn unless you want them all tied up in it!
Anything (really…any little thing) can be fun as long as you make a big deal and get really excited about it!
And even if  you don’t ever get through the entire lesson plan, you will still see that the girls got the message because of how they treat each other!

GOTR has been more fun and more challenging than I ever thought it could be! Seeing the girls complete their practice 5k today was amazing! (Thanks incredible Madrona running buddies! The girls couldn’t stop talking about how awesome all of you are!) I can’t wait to see everyone cross the finish line!

Thanks, Coach Kristen, for sharing!