Coach Blogs: Loyal Heights B

This week we are covering one of our favorite lessons, “Celebrating Gratitude.” As we ask the girls for examples of things they are grateful for, we see excited, smiling faces and hear things like “ice cream,” “birthday parties,” “kittens!” As we move on, the room starts to settle down and you can see the girls really thinking. We then hear things like, “a warm bed,” “my parents,” “my school,” “my community,” and finally “GOTR!” GOTR reminds us of all the things we have to be grateful for. Our community of volunteer coaches and amazing girls all willing to learn and create their own community, the parents that pick them up and ask what they learned, the GOTR staff doing everything they can to reach as many girls as possible, and the countless people at the 5K finish line applauding and encouraging every girl from every background to do and be their best. Just having the mere opportunity to do these things and to educate our girls is something to be grateful for. So, even though the girls’ first answers to this question is usually something like “ice cream,” it is our actions as a community that help them understand gratitude on many different levels. So be loud, because they’re listening!