Coach Blogs: Lake Hills

Lake Hills, What a Thrill!!

There is something special happening with the team at Lake Hills. Our vivacious group of girls continues to impress each week with their kind words, encouraging behavior, and enthusiastic attitudes. We strive to maintain the spirit of GOTR with a readiness to learn, grow and play each time we meet.

With a few returning GOTR girls, it has been thrilling to watch them inspire the newbies in participation – all ideas, feelings, and ability is welcomed. They love to create Energy Awards, incorporate “Gummy Bear” tag in the work out, and cover themselves in earned stickers (lap counters). Even the coaches receive motivation – we recently re-learned to jump rope!

A favorite lesson was “Learning About Cooperation” where the girls learned that wonderful things are created when we work together for a common goal. At the start of the workout each girl was given a stack of colored construction paper strips and with each completed lap a paper strip was handed off to a coach. Those paper strips were looped through one another, secured tightly, and one-by-one the sturdy and beautiful Cooperation Chain was created! This chain is a great visual of the group accomplishment –many laps and wonderful teamwork.

With the 5K approaching, the Lake Hills girls are growing stronger and are really excited to be paired with their Running Buddies. We are filled with “Supa,-Supa, Girl Poooowwwa!”


Coaches:  Adriane, Erin & Hannah