Coach Blogs: Kent View

“I can say what I didn’t know how to say before.”

Hearing this from a quiet participant was music to our ears as we three coaches at Kent View Elementary offer the program here for the first time.

Mid-season, we’re attempting to assess our effectiveness and take advantage of every opportunity to attend to the specific needs of each girl. We find ourselves searching for signs of joy, openness, and confidence that weren’t previously apparent.

Coach Sara, Coach Kim, and I, are smiling at Week 5 and feel “this little light” shining in the girls. The message of the Girls on the Run cord is bubbly, bright and sparkling.

I’m also feeling the blessings of an enthusiastic coach team. Coach Sara’s fantastic silly dances and cheers are mood-lifting for all of us and create energy for the lesson.  Brilliantly, she came up with the unstoppable motivation of bead “lap counters”. 10 beads = 1 mile =a plastic “foot” pendant. (Available at At the Final Celebration, the girls will be presented with their necklace and the pendants they have earned throughout the season, including one specific to the character they’ve shown.  Coach Kim, also a first-season coach, brings incredible gentleness and warmth to our team. The girls swarm to her, confide in her, share their secrets and hug her so tightly I’ve had to break it up out of concern for her!

Another idea we’d like to share is our healthy snack recipe book. We are putting together all the recipes from the snacks we’ve made this season, including zucchini bread, cranberry rolls, vegetables and hummus and even homemade granola. The books will be given to the girls at Final Celebration.

We appreciate our parents, Principal Johnson, Girls on the Run of Puget Sound and our wonderful pacer Erika Larsen, for the support and encouragement. Have a great 5K practice everyone and we look forward to seeing you at the main event!