Coach Blogs: Greenwood

Last week we learned about how we can turn negative self-talk (“I’m such a slow runner! Why do I even bother?”) into positive self-talk (“Running is a challenge for me, but I can overcome it by always trying my best!”). The girls had a great time coming up with all kinds of negative self-talk expressions that we catch ourselves and others saying. They had an even better time tossing these negative expressions into the mouth of the No Nonsense Nelly monster that Coach Kari made. They responded to negative self-talk with a resounding “moof!” and a bite from the terrifying monster!

Activities like this allow the girls’ individual personalities to really begin to shine during week 2. One of our favorite comments came in response to us telling the girls we were going to recycle the negative self-talk expressions from the monster’s mouth: “These aren’t good enough for the recycling! They need to go straight to the garbage!” If there’s ever any doubt that we’re getting through to the girls, comments like these sure put those fears to rest.

– Coach Kristen