Coach Blogs: Clyde Hill


Over the last few weeks, the girls at Clyde Hill have learned to work together as a team by encouraging, motivating and celebrating each other’s uniqueness.


By walking, twirling, skipping and running their way through practice, girls have found strength in each other and through their coaches. Coach Lauren and Coach Michelle have jumped right in;  keeping spirits high and fun front and center!


One of the funniest lessons so far has been Lesson 4. With a true Destiny’s Child approach, the “no no no” attitude for negative self talk easily be replaced with positive language and intentional thinking. As teachers, we’ve seen this GOTR language carry over into the classroom.



Take a look at positive thinking in action! It has been great to see the girls getting to know one another and seeing their creativity shine through, coming up with the team name “Girls on FIRE!”

We’re excited to see our girls evolve and shine throughout the remainder of the season!

 – Coach A.J.