Coach Blogs: Catharine Blaine

Our team has hit the ground running with its inaugural season here at Catherine Blaine! We are thrilled to be a part of the first season in the Magnolia area. Our group of girls is always full of energy and ready to rock! Filled with personality and spunk, each girl is an inspiration to not only each other, but us coaches as well. It amazes us coaches to see how each and every girls is able to concentrate and focus their incredible amounts of energy into positive motivation during each lesson we have led.

Lesson 2 was quite a grand session at Catherine Blaine, emphasizing the importance of the positive, sparkly, and spunky GOTR cord we all strive to be plugged in to. Every lesson, distinct GOTR characteristics are exemplified in their practices.

Here’s a favorite photo from Becky’s visit to our school of a girl on the run just beaming with the positive light of the GOTR cord.


Below is photo of our girls posing (quite the feat for such a lively bunch!) for a quick group picture.

We are all excited to see where this GOTR adventure takes us, and cannot wait to build stronger bonds, friendships, and hearts (from compassion & running!). The “Rockin’ Runners” at Catherine Blaine are ready to take on anything, and us coaches are thrilled to lead the way!

– Coach Ghee