Coach Blogs: Catharine Blaine


We are heading into week 4 with the girls at Catharine Blaine and these girls have stolen our hearts and challenged our minds.  We’ve all agreed that there’s no way we won’t cry at the end of the season!  The very first day, one of the returning GOTR girls told another, “Girls on the run is about being awesome! I’m awesome and you’re awesome and we are all awesome!”  We hadn’t even begun our first lesson yet, so hearing that was validation about the positive impact this program is having on these kids.


There are times when we don’t think they understood what the take away lesson of the day was, but they continually surprise us when they make reference to some of the lessons in the following practices. A favorite that we continue to hear them mention is plugging into the positive cord.  And boy do these girls love to challenge themselves with the workout! We’ve seen running, walking, skipping, cartwheels, you name it. They have so much energy!  Some set lap goals for themselves before they even start and and some have already covered 2-3 miles! Something else we’ve been proud to watch is how many of them want to nominate their peers for the energy awards. They seem to really be taking pride in each other and they have come up with some unique ways of celebrating that.


So what do you do when all three of the coaches have the same name? Our girls decided they were going to figure out names for us and somehow over the last few weeks we’ve become Coach Brownie, Coach Peppermint and Coach Sparkle. The creativity and enthusiasm they bring every week is unpredictable and challenging and we are growing as coaches because of them and they are growing into true GOTR girls because of us.  We are all going to be beaming with pride for these girls on December 7th!!




Thank you, Coach Brownie, Peppermint and Sparkle for sharing your reflections with us!