Coach Blogs: Cascade View

We cannot believe it is already the last week of practice before our 5K this coming Saturday! Time really does fly when you’re having fun. 🙂 Our girls here at Cascade View have so impressed us with their spunk, hard work, and dedication to being a part of the Girls on the Run team.

The community service project is something the girls have been talking about since the beginning of the season. Ever since our first few practices, the girls would mention how upset it makes them that the school’s field we practice at has so much trash littered on it, and how they wish they could clean it up. It is awesome to see them so invested in their school and community, and choosing to work to improve a problem that they see. They’ve inspired me and I look forward to their bright smiles every practice!

It has been so amazing to watch our girls grow and become a team together. We have seen growth in all of them, but one girl in particular started out the season with obvious low self-esteem. She would slowly walk and drag her feet on the laps and isolate herself from the other girls during our processing conversations. However, she has become more and more dedicated and began setting goals for herself in terms of how many laps to complete and to go the same pace the whole time. She has also become increasingly social. It has been such a joy and honor to be a part of her journey, and the journeys of all of our girls!

Go Girls on the Run!!

🙂 Team Cascade View