Coach Blogs: Cascade View

Team Cascade View has been feisty and fun as always so far this season! Our girls have so much energy and really throw themselves into our activities, which is so inspiring to watch as their coach! Some of our most inspiring lessons so far have been 3 and 4.

Lesson 3- when our girls had to strike their confident poses- was so much fun to participate in with them and see them do things (like 10 push-ups) that they didn’t think they could do! At the end of practice, one of our girls said, “Today I learned that I am powerful”. One of my favorite things about coaching is getting to be a part of the girls’ self-discovery and watch as they realize how strong and capable they are, so hearing her say that made my day!

Our girls also loved lesson 4, and Coach Denise really impressed them (and me!) with her No-Nonsense Nelly box. The girls loved throwing away those negative thoughts! Teaching and reinforcing positive self-talk is such an important and empowering thing to be a part of, and to see the girls start to internalize those positive statements is so rewarding! Overall, Coach Denise and I are loving this season and cannot wait to continue to see our girls grow and discover their endless possibilities!

– Coach Karin

Can you find No-Nonsense Nelly?