Coach Blogs: Broadview Thomson

Sprinting for Sparkly Stickers

Broadview-Thomson has had an awesome first half of the season!  We have eight amazing girls on our team who always have fun during practice. While our girls always have fun during practice, actually running during the workout portion has been a bit of a struggle.  Many would rather walk and chat with their friends than run at a consistent rate. We know that all of our girls could run for much of the workout if they wanted to, they just didn’t seem to be motivated – that was until we discovered the magic of stickers!

For practice on Monday we decided to bring the girls some stickers to use as lap counters and our girls LOVED the stickers! With just the motivation of getting a new sparkly sticker for each lap they completed, our team of primarily walkers became sprinters! Our team would sprint to get their next sticker – which they used to decorate their water bottles!  By the end of practice each girl was showing their teammates all the cool stickers on their water bottles. As coaches, we left practice so energized by our team’s hard work.  Who knew that stickers could be such an awesome motivator?

With our new found knowledge of stickers and their magical powers, we know that all of our girls will be ready to kill the 5K on December 1st!